Lion’s Mane Consultations

Are you curious about Lion’s Mane? Maybe you heard about it from a friend or healer and want to learn more. Or perhaps you’ve found one in the woods or at your local farmers’ market. Sure, Lion’s Mane is DELICIOUS and a great vegan protein option. But it’s also one of the only natural options proven to heal nerves and help with certain neurological issues.

You can schedule a 1 hour consultation to learn more about the benefits of Lion’s Mane. The cost is $50 for a one-hour Zoom session ($90 for 2 hours); you will be contacted after payment to schedule the time. Here’s just a bit of what we will discuss and why Lion’s Mane could help you:

  • Methanol extracts stimulated an increase in NGF in human brain astrocytoma cells.  Mori, K et al. 2008. NGF-inducing activity of Hericium erinaceus in 1321N human astrocytoma cells. Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin 31 (9): 1727.
  • Kawagashi argues that Lion’s Mane should be used for dementia as erinacines are the most powerful inducers of NGF synthesis among all currently identified natural compounds. Kawagashi, Hirokazu et al. 2004a. The anti-dementia effect of Lion’s Mane mushroom and its clinical application – Hericium erinaceum – Lion’s Mane. Towsend Letter for Doctors & Patients 249: 54-56.
  • A study of 28 people between 50 and 80, suffering from mild cognitive problems. This double-blind, placebo-controlled experiment revealed significant improvement at weeks 8, 12, 16. This did not continue at the 4 week mark after cessation. All 14 participants receiving the Lion’s Mane showed significant improvement at the 3 month mark, compared to 1/3 of the placebo patients. Mori, 2008.

All of our Lion’s Mane is grown from sawdust, alfalfa, and popcorn in a chemical-free environment. We do not use any pesticides or anything besides water on the mushrooms and they are harvested at their peak potency.  This mushroom is becoming more and more well known for what it can do for brain and nerve health… if you are interested in becoming one of the many who have been helped by Lion’s Mane, please reserve your time slot today!

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